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She's the CMO and Cofounder of Wepost.

Anna Mjønerud Gjestvang is an exciting and outgoing person from Sørumsand, Norway. She has a background from political science from NTNU.

Why did you join Wepost?

The reason why Anna joined Wepost is actually composed by several different factors. When I first joined Wepost I wanted to be apart of something bigger than myself, and I wanted to make a differnce in someones life. The team was also very important to me as I wanted to spend my days with people gives you motivation and is willing to work hard to be able to achieve great things.

Reflecting back on it now, 6 months in, the same factors are definitely there, but I feel like I have found some deeper purpose as well. When I started Wepost I felt like helping people directly was something Wepost was an means to an end for and something I would be able to do leveraging the success from Wepost. 

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Wepost - The Easiest Marketing Experience Ever Made - Slide deck - Creative Tech Hunt 657
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Now I see more clearly how Wepost can actually make a difference by helping other companies grow and in that ay contribute to a better and more sustainable world by being able to get their vision out there.


What or who inspires you?
Princess Diana has always inspired me and for me she is one of the biggest entrepreneurs out there (bare with me the definition of that). She changed so much by just making the right choices, and she changed attitudes and emotions, and that is really hard to do. 

My father has also always inspired me, and I really want to make him proud. 

My team also deeply inspires me, and I look up to each and everyone of them. You are all so very different but talented individuals and I look forward on learning from you everyday. 


What is your dream goal in life?

My dream goal is to always be happy with what I do and with the choices I make. I would really love to make a difference to someones life and make an impact. I dont care about the recognizion as long as I know by myself that I have made an impact.

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