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Are you our next Full stack legend?

In Wepost we are building the next-generation AI marketing platform and to do that we need the best back-end, front-end and all of the stack legend to create the best technology beyond our vision.

What is a Full stack developer?

A full-stack developer is a developer or engineer who can build both the front end and the back end of a website. The front end (the parts of a website a user sees and interacts with) and the back end (the behind-the-scenes data storage and processing) require different skill sets.


You can work from everywhere in the world, but we also have a physical office located at the 5th floor of Oppredningen, Sem Sælands vei 1 at the NTNU School of Entrepreneurship at Gløshaugen, Norway. We are an ambitous team of 10 people, 5 working full time and 5 working part time that works day and night to create the best possible solution to tell the stories that matter.

We are already part of an accelerator program called 6AM. Gotten some small funding from Aneo-bidraget, NTNU Discovery, Innovation Norway and are going to open an investment round in Q3 2024 for about 5 million kroner. Working as a full stack developer is a part of this investment plan, as the position is meant to begin in early Q1/Q2 2024.

We are a fun team and quite resourceful when it comes down to different capabilities and skills, that compliments eachother. As a full stack developer you will work in the intersection between our platform technology and our artificial intelligence model. You will first and foremost be responsible for making the center of Wepost, our system architecture, the best that it could be. You will be working a lot on our platform technology, implementing core functionalities that will make our customers go WOW! This role is meant for you and tailored to you as a person, so you will have a huge opportunity to take charge and form your everyday worklife. 

Short about the role:


Salary: Paid, around 180kr.

Role: Full stack developer

Hours: 20-40%
Start Q1-Q2 2024


Contact us:


Trond Haugå

COO & Cofounder

+47 48 00 44 77

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