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With Wepost Persona it has never been easier.

We've developed the easiest and best persona generator in the world. Here you can create your persona in seconds.

All you have to do is give use some answers. This will help us give you the most optimal target audience for your company.

Answering questions is a boring task, we get it. So we made it so simple that it's almost fun! Just click some buttons, it's that easy.

When it's so simple, you're probably asking how we can give you the most accurate persona for your company. Well combining marketing theory, industry data and your company data with our cutting edge artificial intelligence model makes it a breeze.

Yes that's right! Our personas are tailored to you and are totally unique. They create the most optimal target audience for your next marketing plan.

iPhone 12 Pro 6.1_ Mockup Right View.png

Wepost Persona is our first step in creating the worlds easiest and best marketing platform. To create meaningful content, you need to know who to talk to and this will help you in doing exactly that.

Lucky for you, our persona generator is in open beta right now, so we're constantly letting people in to try out our AI-model. The best thing it's totally FREE.

If you want to know more about our persona generator you can check out our full demonstration in the video below.


Happy generating Weposter!

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