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Your state-of-the-art persona for enhanced marketing powered by Wepost.

This book defines the age of your persona.

A flag besides your persona will specify the nationality of your persona as well as the gender.

This icon represents your personas aspirations in life. Do they want to pursuit a career or make an impact in the world? What are their goals.

This icon and text represents your personas role in their company. 

This icon and text represents the industry your persona works in.

This trait represents customers drawn to positive brand messaging, success stories, and aspirational content.

Represents customers who value evidence-based marketing and product claims.

Represents customers who value straightforward messaging and clear calls to action.

Represents customers that are responsive to marketing campaigns that showcase innovation and excitement.

Represents customers that like being sociable, and is likely to share positive experiences and possibly act as a brand ambassador, engaging actively in community-centric marketing efforts.

Represents customers that has an appreciation for arts and creative marketing. They enjoys content that has a visually compelling narrative and unique branding.

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Meet the superheroes behind Wepost, working everyday to tell the stories that matter.

We have multiple exciting projects in the works and we can't wait to show it to you! Take a look at our development plan.

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We are always looking for noble and talented heroes to expand our team. Check out our career page.

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