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They are the changemakers of tomorrow.


Monil is a Norwegian technology company that makes virtual fences for the farmer, the animals and the environment.

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Lauga Oskarsdottir - Monil & Firda.png

Entrepedia is a Norwegian technology company that builds a platform with everything you need to start and scale a company.

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Oliver Halvorsrød - Entrepedia.png

"We save over 6 hours

each week using Wepost."

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Aviant is a Norwegian technology company that builds an end-to-end delivery service based on drones.

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Lars Erik Fagernæs - Aviant.png

"Profiling is something that is very important for startups, especially to attract the right talent. Social media is critical here, something Wepost both relieves and improves for us. Definitely happy with the results so far!"


Sirken is a Norwegian technology company

that builds a platform for cheap surplus goods directly from the construction industry.

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Ingvar Aune - Sirken.png

Kyte is a home delivery service that is faster, greener and more accessible than traditional services. We are now delivering to selected customers in Norway, proving that the future is already here.

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Hanne Grotle Nore - Kyte.png

Agoprene is a biotech company based in Oslo and Copenhagen. They're on a mission to transform the industry by developing furniture foam from seawead & other biomass waste resources.

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Celine Sandberg - Agoprene.png

"Four investors contacted us after our LinkedIn-post Wepost created."

4000x1045 logo - White.png

ScaleupXQ is one of Norway's Most Experienced Go-To-Market Sales Agencies that helps startups grow and scale.

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Henri Parviainen - ScaleupXQ.png
factsplatMetaito (1).png

Factsplat is a Norwegian technology company that builds a platform to collect all digital information in one place.

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Sven Helge Vatne - Factsplat.png
Copy of logo (1).png

Bookd is a Norwegian technology company that builds a marketplace for artists and entertainers.

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Jørgen Aase - BookD.png
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